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     The development of Human resource increases the ability of the organization to face the challenge of work effectively. Our company provides professional training & development Techniques competitive training programs, seminars, forums, workshops, consultation. Pioneer training & Consultation Company establish since 2003 Offer training on Management & technical courses.

Company Head office
United Arab Emirates – Dubai
Company Branch

1.       Egypt 

2.       Morocco

3.       London

Our company provide many activates

      In the training division we offer highest quality to enhance and full our customer Training needs in Management & Technical field with both language Arabic & English. We provide training services all over the World.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Organizing and sponsoring conferences and exhibitions all over the world 

Reservation services.

Providing reservation services, meeting rooms, hotels, advertising and media all over the world


In the consulting division we help companies to identify issues and solve problems using a systemic and creative approach. Our goal is to offer suitable for the organization.

Training courses interest

§ How to support the business internal and external functions for our client.

§ Keep up with the latest in Training to ensure that the services we provide are always current and of the highest quality.

§ Help you to improving your managerial skills & learn new process.

§ Keep you updated on the latest training technologies.

Our Mission

§ Provide high quality training & consultancy services to our customers in various fields

§ Keep client aware with the updated technologies and techniques According to the international standards.

§ Upgrading clients with technical abilities and strengthen their scientific background.

§ Give a hand in understanding and solving the common and

§ New problems which face many clients.

§ Provide clients with the updated managerial skills and abilities

Our vision

§ To provide state of the art training and consulting services of high quality to fulfill the requirements and expectations of clients organization.

Training Methodology

§ Provide Course materials for all attendance including a hard and soft copy The lecture based on

§ Discussing for any questions or inquiry.
§ Training Films used in some programs.

§ Material is supported (cases study / sometime computer applications consistent with what is facing the trainee in the practical life .)

§ Displayed material using power point presentation. 

Training Objective

§ Provide the needs of the organization of human resources with the skills and high quality experience.

§ Raise the performance of the trainee, which helps to develop the administrative environment in organizations through The systems and methods of the good work.

§ Help each trainee to understand and recognize the relationship

§ Between work and the work of others and the goals of The organization.

§ Reduce errors, and make use of manpower, tools and equipment and machines to the maximum extent possible.

§ Reduce the burden on supervisors and presidents.

§ Development of methods of work performance.

§ Development Skills and capacity-completion of work in effective ways.

§ Gain professional knowledge and the process