General Maintenance for Gas Turbines & Gas Compressors

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2019-04-21 00:00:00 Cairo
2019-06-23 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
2019-07-14 00:00:00 Dubai

 Who Can Benefit?

§Turbine & compressor maintenance engineers of relatively short experience and senior technicians of medium experience who have the ability to improve & develop their capabilities

Course Objectives:

To provide the engineers and senior technician in the relevant field with the additional knowledge that helps maintain the equipment in good operational conditions and cope with the emergency cases of breakdown.

Course Outline:

§ Overview of maintenance function and objectives.

§ Maintenance job standards.

§ Maintenance types & strategies.

§ Common problems associated in the rotating equipment in general.

§General maintenance operations.
§ Lubrication.

§ Maintenance of mechanical parts (Plain bearing, roller bearing, couplings, valves, seals, etc…).

§ Diagnostic methods.
§ Vibration analysis.
§ Balancing.
§Turbine Maintenance.

§ GT operating principles, components and characteristics.

§ Turbine operating checks & Performance monitoring.

§ Shaft, bearings and seals maintenance.

§ Blades and nozzles maintenance.

§ Shaft sealing system.

§ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems maintenance. (supply systems, fuel control, atomizing air system, cooling and sealing air system).

§ Cooling water system and water injection system maintenance.

§ Starting system maintenance.

§ Ducting and valves maintenance.

§ Turbine troubleshooting, testing and reinstallation 

§Gas compressor maintenance.

§ Types, application and lubrication.

§ Compressor monitoring and fault diagnosis.

§ Maintenance of, Shaft, bearings, blade and seals.

§ Maintenance of filtration system.

§ Gas compressor operating checks.

§ Compressor installation & controls checks.

§ Compressor inspection, troubleshooting practices.

§ Common causes of gas compressor deterioration.