Distribution Control System

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2019-04-14 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-07-14 00:00:00 Turkey
2019-10-13 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh

   Who Can Benefit?

§  Service engineers and highly qualified technicians in charge of operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic measuring instruments in different branches of the industry

   Course objectives:

§ Examine latest advances in distributed processor technology using several commercial systems to illustrate the concepts

§ Analyze impact of this technology on possibilities of control strategies as well as operator interfaces

§ Apply concepts of body mind reaction to audio and visual symbols to meaningful human machine interfaces

§ Evaluate and justify potential benefits of distributed processor technology for improved productivity

§ Examine how a process control strategy can evolve with changing needs

§ Reconfigure and link processor technology to enterprise resource planning systems

§ Specify, select, and implement distributed processor system

§ Realize the benefits and cost savings of Foundation Fieldbus

§ Understand how Field bus segments are built including

§ device requirements

§  wiring methodology

§  segment configuration

§  Understand how Foundation Field bus compares to other industrial bus systems

§  Recognize the purpose of the Fieldbus Foundation

§  Understand Foundation Fieldbus interoperability and interoperability testing by the Field bus Foundation

   Course outline:

§  Understanding of Distributed Computing

§ Distributed Analog to Central Computer to Microprocessor

§  Functional Distribution

§  Physical Distribution

§  Distributed and Centralized Information

§  Comparison of Current System Philosophies

§ Distributed Control

§ Programmable Logic Control

§ Personal Computing Networks

§  open Control Systems

§  Controller Structures

§ Inputs outputs

§ Shared Loops

§ Clustered Loops

§  Discrete and Logic Control

§  Sequential and Batch Control

§ Multifunction Control

§  The operator Interface

§  Philosophy

§ Workstation Roles

§ operator Input Devices

§ Alarms

§  Testing

§  Communication Networks

§ Physical Architectures

§ Communicating Structures

§  Media Access Protocols

§  Fieldbus Links

§ Plant wide Links to MES, ERP, etc.

§  Control Strategy and Configuration

§  Development of Control Parameters

§ Development of Control Strategy

§ Configuration Languages

§  System Security

§  Reliability

§  Availability

§  Redundancies

§ Diagnostics

§  Personnel Access

§  Implementation

§ Justification

§  Prepare Specification

§ Looking at Vendors

§ Evaluating Quotes

§  Post Purchase

§  Foundation Fieldbus terminology and technology

§ Foundation Fieldbus H1 and High Speed Ethernet (HSE) networks

§ Comparison of other industrial bus protocols

§ Cost savings and operational benefits of Foundation Fieldbus technology

§ Configuration and operation of a Foundation Fieldbus H1 segment

§ Wiring of a Foundation Fieldbus H1 segment

§  Looking to Future Changes

§ Technologies

§ System Structures

§ Process Performance

§  Distributed Control System Reporting

§  Maintenance Consideration