Personal Protective Equipments & Protective Systems

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2019-04-27 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
2019-07-27 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-10-26 00:00:00 Turkey
    Who Can Benefit?

§ Engineers, safety officers & specialists and who have the wish to attend such program maintenance engineers

    Course Objective:

§ Select or design safety and security systems to protect both, labors and equipment.

   Course Outline:

§ Introduction to Industrial Safety.

§Work hazards in industry .
§Incidents and accidents.

§How safety procedures can reduce hazards and prevent accidents on the job?

§ General Classification of Accidents and Their Causes.

§Accidents that could be prevented by better training.
§Accidents that could be prevented by better methods of operation.
§Accidents that could be prevented by better construction.
§Accidents that could be prevented by better maintenance.

§Accidents that could be prevented by better uses of personal protection equipment.

§ Types and Proper Use of Personal Protection Equipment and Other Items.

§Hearing protection.
§Eye protection.
§Standard rules for eye protection when using a respirator.
§Feet protection.
§Hands protection.
§Head and face protection.
§Respiratory protection.
§Use of safety belts.

§Special-purpose protective equipment (chemical goggles/full-face shields/protective gloves/acid proof aprons).

§Protective clothing.
§Protective gear.
§OSHA standards and recommended practices

§ Portable/Emergency Equipment.

§Oxygen analyzers.
§Combustible & hazardous gas analyzers.
§Portable fire extinguiHSErs.
§Hand-held fire extinguiHSErs.
§Wheel-mounted fire extinguiHSErs.

§ H2S Detection Equipment.

§H2S character.

§Common detection equipment (ampoules/spot checks/colorimetric tubes/electric sensors etc.).

§Safety practices.
§Safety gears.

§ Case studies and applications.