Residential services and furniture workshop

Work shop outline
§ The Interior Design Profession

§ Definition of an Interior Designer

§ Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

§ Professional design organizations

§ The design process and scope of services

§ The evolution of modern design

§ Elements and principles of design

§ Structural design and decorative design

§ The proper use of color

§ Color schemes and their effect

§ Application of color to interior backgrounds

§ Design as it Relates to Construction Trades:

§ The construction process

§  Heating, venting and air conditioning systems

§  Acoustics, plumbing, lighting

§  Regulations

§  Lighting fixture selection and placement

§ Natural and artificial lighting

§  Space planning for specific rooms

§  Making the most of space with furniture

§ Analyzing residential and commercial floor plans

§  General zoning requirements

§     Furnishings and Fabrics:

§  The function, aesthetics and economics of furniture

§  General classifications of furniture styles

§  Upholstered furniture, decorative accessories

§  Fabric construction

§ Fabric testing and safety codes

§ Selecting textiles for interior use

§  Solving design problems with textiles

§  Types of flooring

§ History of rugs and carpets

§  Measuring and installing flooring

§  Ceiling and wall construction and materials

§  Types of wall coverings

§ Moldings, paints, finishes

§ Doors, windows, fireplaces

§  Hard and soft window treatments

§ Drapery and curtain headings

§ Design and placement of windows and window treatments

§ Fireplace types and construction

§ Careers in interior design

§ The business of interior design

§ Role of a residential interior designer

§ The client in the interior design process

§  Activation space with furniture and space planning

§ Furniture styles and placement The new products and better

§  Interior design